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Responsibility & Delegation
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Responsibility & Delegation

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Photo of Tom StewartThis class, delivered by Castle Keepers owner/CEO Tom Stewart, is the starting place for any business owner who's been running the office alone and is desperate to hire that first office staff member to continue growing. But be warned: it all starts with you detailing what you do every minute of the day, no matter how small. Otherwise, you can't assign that task to an category or delegate it to an office staff member. 

Class Agenda

  • Basic Office Activities
  • Building a Support Team
  • Responsibility Grid
  • Swimlane Process Flow Chart
  • Work Instructions

Download Contents

  1. Class Video (duration 58:44)
  2. Class PPT Slides
  3. Responsibility and Delegation Workbook
  4. Responsibility Chart Instructions
  5. Examples: Company Accounts and Passwords (template)
  6. Examples: Estimate Follow-up Call Flow
  7. Examples: Work Instruction for Daily Bank Deposit

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