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Cleaning Procedure Implementation
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Cleaning Procedure Implementation

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Photo of Liz TrotterThis class, delivered by American Maid founder/owner Liz Trotter, shows you what to consider in developing a successful cleaner training system so that your customers stay happy - or can't even tell that someone else came to clean that day. 

Now that you've hired someone to help you clean and to grow your company, how can you make sure they know what you know, do what you do, care like you care? Why, you create a cleaning procedure and a system for reinforcing it.

Class Agenda

  • The Big Lie: Anyone Can Clean
  • What It Takes to Teach and Implement a Cleaning Procedure
  • Know "why" you've made each choice - products, equipment, order of steps, etc
  • Write down the training program - you're not the only one who will be teaching/training now and in the future
  • Use a variety of teaching methods: video, workbooks, hands-on, testing, etc.
  • Establish procedure reinforcement system and schedule

Download Contents

  1. Class Video (duration 49:19)
  2. Class PPT Slides
  3. MMS (Derek Christian's) Cleaning Manual
  4. CK (Tom Stewart's) General Cleaning Scope of Work
  5. Cleaning Times Calculator

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