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Employee Training & Orientation
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Employee Training & Orientation

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Begin as you mean to continue. The first day a new employee spends with you sets the tone for the entire working relationship. And while you (a business owner) are concerned about getting that new person into place to bring in revenue, it's a mistake to skip or ignore an introduction to your company culture through a thorough orientation - and we're not talking about just filling out paperwork.

Photo of Liz TrotterThis class, delivered by American Maid founder/owner Liz Trotter, shows you how to organize the various segments of information a new employees needs on that very first day with your company: from your mission statement and core values to how those connect with the reasons behind your cleaning procedure to how those same core values tell you what answer to give customers when they ask questions. 

Class Agenda

  • Orientation Programs
  • Training the Trainer
  • Technician Training Systems

Download Contents

  1. Class Video (duration 39:40)
  2. Class PPT Slides
  3. Orientation: AMCLLC (Liz Trotter's) Mission Statement and Core Values (aka Game Plan, Strategy, and Strength)
  4. Orientation: AMCLLC Job Positions, Pay, and Promotion Opportunities (aka League Structure and Growth Ladder)
  5. Orientation: AMCLLC Trainee Orientation Checklist (aka Rookie Orientation Checklist)
  6. Orientation: AMCLLC Team Manual (policies)
  7. Orientation: AMCLLC Team Member Request Form (time off, injuries, etc)
  8. Orientation: CK (Tom Stewart's) Employee Manual - with attorney's notes
  9. Orientation: CK Uniform Policy
  10. Orientation: Employee Manual Template (editable)
  11. Training: AMCLLC Team Cleaner Job Description
  12. Training: AMCLLC Safety Program Handbook
  13. Training: AMCLLC Service Comparison Chart
  14. Training: AMCLLC Team Tips Cards
  15. Training: AMCLLC Team Member Information Sheet
  16. Training: AMCLLC Time Goal Tracker
  17. Training: AMCLLC Training Schedule
  18. Training: AMCLLC Training Workbook and Evaluation
  19. Training: MMS (Derek Christian's) Checklist of Supplies for 1st Day in the Field
  20. Training: MMS Floor Maintenance Guide
  21. Training: MMS Overview of Employee Training Procedure
  22. Training: MMS Tools & Instructions
  23. Training: MMS Training Checklist
  24. Training: MMS Training Tracker

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