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Foundations Freebies for New Members

Welcome to Foundations!

Foundations Freebies for New MembersThese digital products are free to purchasers of the full Foundations of Success Jumpstart program. Once you have put down your deposit and signed our Terms and Conditions document, a CBB staff member will generate a personal discount code that will allow you to download any of these resources for free. Select the ones you want and add them to your cart. Initially you will see the full retail price in your cart. When you enter your discount code, our store will calculate a 100% discount. You will NOT need to enter your credit card number. Please note that many of these products include videos. It is best to download them overnight. A link to your DISC assessment will be sent to you separately in your welcome email. There are also a couple of items--Core Values Cards and Maid Money--that will be shipped to you. If you have any questions, contact Austin at 843-569-4686 or at 



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