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Set of 5 Fun at Work Video Training
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Set of 5 Fun at Work Video Training

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You probably don't think of having fun at work or making work fun as a skill, but it definitely is. Fun doesn't just "happen" when we need it to, such as when tensions are high following a rash of quality check fails or morale is low during a high employee turnover period. So, yes, you and your staff need a refresher on how to shake it off in a meaningful way. And that's what the Fun at Work Video Training series is all about. 

The Field Staff Training video series on Fun at Work is a collection of instant download videos focused on both the thinking behind and the actual games and activities that help lift spirits and re-engage staff with each other and with the company goals. Each set includes 5 short videos (5-7 minutes on average) in a series that introduces, challenges, and reinforces the lesson of the set.




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