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Set of 5 Promotions and Advancement Video Training
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Set of 5 Promotions and Advancement Video Training

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When you've got a strong staff, and particularly a moderately sized and growing staff, you start to think about promoting from within to leadership and office positions rather than always hiring from outside. But how do you get field technicians in the right frame of mind to take leadership and skill development seriously? With our Promotions and Advancement Training Videos. 

The Field Staff Training video series on Promotions and Advancement is a collection of instant download videos presenting other positions commonly found in a profitable and growing cleaning company - but from the perspective of the field technician and what s/he needs to do to show an owner or HR manager that s/he's ready to be promoted. Each set includes 5 short videos (5-7 minutes on average) in a series that introduces, challenges, and reinforces the lesson of the set.

Browse our collection on Promotion and Advancement - and be sure to check out our collections on all areas of professional development.




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