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Teambuilders 12-pack for Promotions
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Teambuilders 12-pack for Promotions

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Improving employee engagement and motivation can be as simple as starting up some activities. But you don't want just a game; as important as FUN is, engagement is MUCH MORE than just having fun.

Employee engagement expert Liz Trotter has put together 12 TeamBuilders you can use to observe your entire staff and their potential skills for consideration for promotion to a new level of responsibility. Each TeamBuilder comes with a guide, including how to interpret the various actions and results of each game - what behaviors indicate who might be ready to be promoted to a higher position of responsibility.

Your TEAMBuilders for Success Digital Download includes

  • Who Am I - designed to ease a particularly tense time: changes, long days, new staff or teams, holiday or weather disruptions
  • Would You Rather - great ice breaker or meeting ending, especially when people are in a "funk" or just need to lighten up
  • Negotiations - designed to get everyone thinking more creatively; especially good when staff are making poor decisions or there are lots of complaints that things are unfair
  • Scavenger Hunt - helps everyone learn to appreciate the acts of giving and receiving praise and positive reinforcement
  • Dolphins and Sharks - great for showing each other how misperception (often seen as rudeness, defensiveness) interrupts good communication
  • Games for Drive Time - super and simple games to chase away boredom during the down times of the day
  • All Tied Up - an almost-classic teambuilder that gets people working together toward a common task and valuing each others' strengths
  • Map It Out - the perfect way to reinforce the importance of efficient travel between jobs, especially when people are getting lost or taking way too long to get somewhere
  • Commonality Activity - sometimes people need to remember or learn just how much they have in common to renew their focus on teamwork
  • Playing Catch - continuous improvement is a hard concept to talk about, so help them "get it" with this great activity
  • Thanks for That! - great way to introduce new members into the group AND to revive the strength of a core group in your company, especially when things settle into a routine or folks start feeling underappreciated
  • The Winner's Circle - another great way to teach everyone how to appreciate giving and receiving praise and positive reinforcement - it's not as easy as it sounds

Each collection also includes a Basic Prize List of ideas on which you can build as these engagement activities help you learn more about your staff and what motivates them.



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