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NEW ITEM: Foundations Fast Track business growth classes

Posted by CeCe Mikell on

In 2012, with the launch of the House Cleaning Technician certification through IICRC, four of the authors of that original certification course - Derek Christian, Tom Stewart, David Kiser, and HCT Instructor Bruce Vance - heard from course participants just how great the course's knowledge is for the science and activity of cleaning. And those same people asked where they could find similar courses in all areas of starting, managing and growing a business - specifically a cleaning business.

That's how Foundations - as it's known casually - came to life. Within six months of the very first HCT class, Derek, Tom, David, and Bruce launched their first class composed of seven cleaning businesses - two of which hadn't even started cleaning anything yet.

By the end of the six-month, comprehensive business program, all seven businesses were open and cleaning and all seven were making considerably more in revenue than before the program.

Naturally, when you start something new - something that doesn't exist - you never quite know from the start how much or how often you can repeat it. It took the group a few months to catch their breath as they continued working with their first coaching clients before they looked at opening up a second class. 

In between classes 2 and 3, the group saw that the HCT program was taking off. Bruce and David, who by this time was the second certified instructor, took charge of the original course while Derek and Tom began to look for experts to join their team and continue the Foundations coaching program. That's when Liz Trotter first joined the team, and now as Cleaning Business Builders, they've been unstoppable:

  • 5 back-to-back classes of Foundations in 30 months - yep, that's a class every 6 months
  • 12 full conferences in the same 30 months
  • 30+ live, teleconference, and webinar appearances across the US - invitations from other groups and organizations

And that's all while not simply managing their own businesses - every day - but growing them even in saturated markets.

After 7 classes of Foundations and over 70 companies - owners, managers, and sometimes changes in ownership - the CBB coaching group of Derek, Tom and Liz are focusing their direct live coaching on their existing clients. And that left a gap for them because they know the comprehensive program they created is not simply great but necessary, especially for businesses moving past that middle growth stage - beyond $500K in annual revenue.

Why? Because the Foundations of Success program is designed around the philosophy that the different parts or different departments of a business aren't separate but unified - synergized. The decision you make about solos versus teams affects how you train, how you schedule, how you pay, how you insure, how you market, how you plan for growth, how you hire, and so much more.

Ohhhh, so that's why they wouldn't let folks take or get just the "piece" they thought they needed. Yep!

But now, Derek, Tom and Liz are making Foundations of Success available in its new Fast Track form - as instant purchase and download right from our store:

  • buy just the one class you think you need for only $129 each
  • buy a bundle of any of our 7 Foundations at a 5% discount
  • buy the entire program at a 10% discount for only $2549

No matter which you choose, you can now get the amazing teaching and resources (templates) for a fraction of the cost.

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