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Posted by CeCe Mikell on

We are excited to share with you the tools we developed to solve problems in our businesses as we grew to and beyond the $1M annual revenue mark. And we continue to use these same tools in our businesses today...because they work...every time!

From a deck of cards to help you make smarter hiring decisions to a toolkit of marketing templates designed to attract the prospects you want, our business growth tools are working for us RIGHT NOW...and can work for you just as easily.

And when you're ready to "level up" your business to the next stage, our Foundations of Success 6-month coaching program gives you EVERYTHING all of the coaches use every day in their businesses. Yep, you get the results of 30+ years of hard work they and their staffs have put into finding and plugging every hole in their policy manuals, procedures, quality training and inspections, breakage protocols, and more.

Oh, and we invite you to request your free business consultation any time you're ready! Just one was enough to net a CA cleaning business owner a $1000+ job from a $50 Facebook ad campaign - and a loyal customer who now refers her to all of her famous neighbors in Palm Beach.

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